Lapping up ACE Incentives

Itching for an adventure, but wanting to set your sights on something a little out of the ordinary?

Then head to Lapland.

In case you don’t know, its cold, very cold. I’m sure you know that Santa Claus lived there and therefore by default, his reindeer.  But do you know how stunningly beautiful the landscapes are, especially the sunsets? You won’t believe how much snow there was is there, it is staggering (I’ve lived in ski resorts, I know all about snow).  Until I first visited, I didn’t know that I was a good rally driver on ice, a dab hand at driving a husky sleigh, pulled by six strong dogs, or that reindeers can really move it, and flying behind them in a sleigh is a scream-worthy experience. I loved snow-shoe walking in the ski resort of Levi, it was honestly like stepping through the wardrobe in to Narnia, although I’m ashamed to say I found the speed and power of the skidoos scary enough to force me to ride pillion – the best place to be to take those all-important shots though (which is obviously why I did it).

So if that itch needs a scratch, don your woolly hat and thermals (you get given the rest when you arrive: socks, boots, gloves and a warm, unfashionable boiler suit affair) and head to Lapland. Avoid December, unless you really, really want to meet Santa and tell him you’ve been good before Christmas, but January through to April are perfect conditions for snow.  And I’m reliably informed it’s beautiful in the summer months too.  I will add it to the list and let you know.

Most importantly, if you want to look at Lapland for your next incentive event, then give us a call.

We deliver really ACE incentives.

Claire Okrafo-Smart : ACE Account Director