The five benefits of incentive travel

As we sit here in mid-February looking outside at the grey skies of the UK, it seems like the perfect time to start surfing online and scanning deals for cheap flights to the sunnier and warmer corners of Planet Earth. After all, who doesn’t love a holiday? The statistics show that UK workers spend a fair majority of their hard-earned salary on getting away. Knowing that hard-working staff are often dreaming of their next spell of annual leave, are some businesses missing a trick with incentive travel?

For those who offer it, incentive travel is a proven success for businesses in their bid to increase sales and smash targets.

Here are the top five benefits to using incentive travel:

Money can’t buy everything

Traditional methods of rewarding success for high-performing staff come in varying packages. The easy option is to offer a raise or promotion but, to some, an increase is unlikely to be that life-changing windfall that people dream of – its nice but it soon gets forgotten; their pay becomes a figure on a payslip.  Similarly, with promotions, it’s not a sure-fire way to please somebody who is clearly doing well with the way things work already.

Never forgotten

Like learning how to ride a bike, your first love or your first car – they say that you never forget your first holiday. In most circumstances, travel is not an experience that is easily forgotten. As an incentive, it’s unlikely to be a gesture that goes forgotten either.

Keeping business strong

Depending on the type of incentive trip you intend to offer, you can easily incorporate business building techniques off the back of it. As an example, if you are incentivising a whole team to be rewarded with a trip, then your team’s bond can grow immeasurably. Allowing staff to gel outside of the work environment is a great way to bring a renewed energy back into the office.

In the case of an individual employee trip, international incentives provide staff members with a break that enables them to relax and recuperate from any niggles that may have been affecting them during the working week.  Furthermore, a team member who feels better both mentally and physically healthier on their return to work, will return with a renewed focus on reaching any targets that you have set them.

Sticking power

More so than a handshake or a pat on the back, any member of staff rewarded with international travel incentive is very likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards their employer. After all, you are being recognised and appreciated for your work. As everybody knows, an engaged employee is far more likely to reach peak levels of productivity than those who don’t have a clear reward system.

International travel incentives should never just be regarded as a one-time gig either. Your workforce’s additional drive will lead towards future sales and profitability. You’re happy, they’re happy – everybody is happy, and nobody will be looking to jump off this ship anytime soon.


It’s not like you need to break the bank, to be clear. Nobody in your company would expect you to be a first-class worldwide cruise or a Virgin Galactic trip into Space (but crack-on if you have the budget for it). The gesture is more important than the product.

For those who are lucky enough to operate on a higher budget, there is another way to scale. Different experiences will suit different people and, perhaps more importantly, different levels of achievement. You have the option to give your staff the chance to climb the ladder from a European weekend away, to a longer-haul trip to another continent.

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