Without change, nothing happens.

As a ball rolls down a hill, the journey it takes is totally controlled by the terrain. If it’s smooth, the ball will take a predictable, and direct route to the bottom of the hill, where it will come to rest.

But we have the power to completely change, and almost control, not only its route, but also its final destination.

By placing obstacles in its path, we can change its direction. Adding a sand patch to the hill, will slow down its decent. Diverting the ball to a running stream will make it speed away, and head to a completely different destination, perhaps miles away from its start. By placing a small ramp in its path, the ball will fly.

Without change, the ball simply rolls to the bottom of the hill. With change, the ball gets a longer, more varied journey. It can travel, it can fly.

Our lives are the same. We roll along, reacting to what is in our path, but we can see the bottom of the hill, and we know we will end up there.

So, without change, nothing happens.

Change, is a decision, a move, an intervention, a determined search, a different perspective, a different view point. This could relate you how we manage our family, or friends, our home, or our career.

Change something, and something new happens as a result.

We are not balls rolling down a hill. We have the power to choose our own path. And if we don’t like the one we are on, we can stop, face the other way, and start a new one. We don’t even have to roll at all. We can climb, we can stand and watch. We can even fly.

Our journey is totally unpredictable, but only with change.

Without it, our lives are inevitable.

Without change nothing happens.