Is Your Boss a Bad Apple? The Surprising Lesson Managers Can Learn From iOS Updates.

By Chris Parnham.

Last week the latest IOS update for the iPhone was released by Apple.

Until Apple changed the world, software updates were boring.

An update from Microsoft has always meant that you have to stop what you are doing, hand over control of your computer to Microsoft for an indeterminate length of time, and wait, while your computer downloads and then installs its latest update.

Everything stops. Nothing works. And you have no idea how long the interruption will last. Time passes. Time is wasted.

Then when the update is completed, you restart your device (more lost time) and you continue where you left off. Nothing has changed. Nothing seems new. Nothing is different. You soon forget the interruption, you rush to make up the lost time, and you carry on regardless.

Apple has changed all that.

As soon as an update is even announced, there is a frenzy of social media speculation and media interest in what new features the new update may bring. Experts offer opinions, hackers present apparently stolen insights, reviewers anticipate the effects.

We are excited, or at least curious to know what treats the forthcoming update will deliver.

When the update is ready to download, Apple experiences an instant and enormous surge of activity, as the world downloads the update, all at the same time. It’s a surge that Apple has had to invest huge amounts of money to ensure its systems can meet the massive and simultaneous peak in demand.

Work doesn’t stop whilst we download, as with Microsoft. We carry on, not losing time, trying to stave off the excitement and anticipation.

Once downloaded, we are ready to go. No need to restart. We simply dive in, discover what’s new, adapt our lives to incorporate the update and carry on. A little better that before. Maybe a little faster, maybe for a little longer. Perhaps with a few new tricks or shortcuts.

Apple has taught us to anticipate every update, to value it, to adapt to it, and we expect to be a little better as a result of it. We look forward to every update, we download it right away and it doesn’t interfere with our lives or waste any time. In a small way, each update makes us better, faster, more efficient, more content. Certainly we are at least a little better equipped to deal with the world today.

Microsoft updates remain uninspiring, time-robbing, seemingly pointless, and the updates themselves are often something we actually put off until absolutely necessary. They give us nothing. They just slow us down.

So, which one is your manager….?

Do you value the time you spend with your manager? Do you learn anything? Do you go away a little better? More confident, more motivated, better equipped to deal with your work today?

Or is listening to your manager just a waste of time. Seemingly pointless, something you try to avoid, and something that just slows you down?

Good manager downloads should be just like those from Apple. Improving your life in small but meaningful ways.

If yours are not, perhaps it’s time to upgrade…