How Shared Passion Will Transform Your Team

By Chris Parnham.

So, I am 3 months into puppy ownership, and one of the most unexpected discoveries (apart from the amount of poo a tiny puppy can actually produce on a daily basis) is how lovely dog-world actually is.

When we are out walking our puppy, other dog owners stop and say hello. They ask our puppy’s name, and they introduce theirs. This even happens on the tube! In London! Where normally people generally try their hardest to get from A to B without catching anyone’s eye or crossing anyone’s path, let alone stopping en route for a chat.

When we take puppy for a haircut, or a check-up, we are always welcomed with a warming smile. Sometimes the staff scoop up little Missy, and give her a big hug; it sometimes feels like they are about to do the same to me!

Last month we took Missy for her first haircut, and I asked how long it would take (or rather how long we could have in the pub, without the puppy) and we were told that they would take their time with Missy as she is so young, and so they’d cut for ten minutes or so, then take a break for cuddles, before picking up the pace again. So we should allow a good hour.

Now, I am very happy with my Turkish barber, but never have we taken a break for cuddles – an obvious service enhancement.

What is it that makes dog-world such a lovely place? It’s simple. It’s a shared passion.

Everyone in dog-world is united by their love of dogs. They consider their dog in every decision they make. This means that when they encounter someone else with the same passion, they make very fast assumptions about this new person;

They have the same passion as me, they share some of my values, they care about the same things, they understand some of the pressure I carry, and they understand my challenges.

A shared passion unites people who have different beliefs and priorities. It points them towards a common goal and a set of shared values. It’s good to have a shared passion in any business.

Does your team have a shared passion?

If not, consider some of ours…

We always do the best for our clients, and we produce beautiful and memorable events.

We look out for each other, it matters how everyone feels.

We love new blood, and it’s important that the newest members of our team learn from us, and grow their experience, ability and enthusiasm for events.

We love to win, and when we pitch, we put EVERYTHING into it.

A life without passion is dull,

A business without passion is dying.