How Your Personality Can Help You Prepare For Change

By Chris Parnham.

Some people seem to have all the luck.

Good things happen to them, they always win, they never seem to make any mistakes, and life appears to come easy to them. We used to say; they always come up smelling of roses, or they always land on their feet.

Others have to fight for every victory.

They never actually win anything, success doesn’t come easy, life doesn’t seem easy, it’s a constant up-hill struggle, and if anything can go wrong it usually does.

Which are you?

If you are the second, and you feel you have to fight to succeed and that good things don’t come easy, but bad things do, then change something around you. Life isn’t written, and tomorrow truly is a blank page. You really can make small or drastic change in a heartbeat, and then like ripples on a pond, the change will create more change, much of it unpredictable, but all of it new.

One change is all it needs…

Changing a job, or how you do your job, will change the prospect of success. Changing your friends, or how you interact with them, will change what happens to you when you are with them. Changing how you manage or interact with your family will change how they make you feel.

The great bonus for these people is when they experience joy or success, they love it, because they have never taken it for granted. These people can be the most fortunate and rewarded of all. But they have the hardest time changing the little things in order to find happiness.

If you are the first type of person, and you always expect to win, things usually always work out, and success is a habit you have learned to enjoy. Then watch out! You are heading for the biggest crash of your life, and you’d better start preparing for it. You believe that your positive attitude, your cool confidence, and your natural life skills have led you to this high tower of success and happiness that you mostly enjoy. And you’re right. You have no doubt expertly crafted your surroundings in order to promote success and happiness, but you are surrounded by those who envy your positon. But even if they don’t get you, something unexpected will. That’s just the random element of life. Even though it fears you the most, you will one day have to face the no-win-scenario – something you just cannot get right or succeed at. Prepare to take this in your stride, and don’t let it destroy you. It will just make you humble, more likeable and more real.

So if you are the person who fights for every small success, and you feel that things don’t normally work out for you, then look around at what and who is around you when you feel this way, and begin to plan those small changes.  It may be something simple to start with, like letting someone go in front of you in a queue or letting a packed train go by.  But it’s a start, it’s a small change, which will make you feel like a better person and also make you more open to how small changes can have a big impact.

If you are a natural winner, and you always land on your feet, then keep your eyes open as you jump, to make sure no-one removed the crash mat. If you prepare for a fall, then your knees will absorb much of the impact. If you don’t prepare, it will hurt like hell.