Time to Set Sail…?

By Chris Parnham.

As a birthday looms it makes me think about the passing of time and also the wasting of time.

It’s not a big birthday, to be clear, more a teeny tiny one, but never the less, birthdays always make me reflect.

Have I made the most of my years so far?

Am I where I’d hoped to be?

Have I effected a positive and meaningful influence on anyone?

Am I a good person, a good boss, a good son, brother, friend and partner?

Do I get things done and most importantly for me, have I made a difference?

I’m a speed boat. I choose my own direction, my speed and my destination. I make waves, but providing you are on board, or you can see me, you can ride the waves and have some fun.

At times, I think it would be nice to be a sailing boat. Letting the wind and tides carry me. Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough; to unpredictable destinations. No race, no deadlines and no schedule. Not affecting or hurting anyone. And provided I keep my wits about me and prepare for the worst, I could lead a care-free, more spiritual life. But would that be right for me?

Some of us love to race, not wasting a moment, always focused on the destination and the outcome.

Others have a more relaxed life plan and go with the flow, knowing that everything usually works out for the best.

But each type of boat requires a specific set of natural skills and desires. Neither is better than the other, but I think we can only be truly happy in one type of boat. It really doesn’t matter what boat you are, proving it is the right one for you.

The speed boat requires planning, preparation and bravery. Remaining on course, against all odds must remain the primary focus. You can’t take any chances. Never looking back, only forwards.

The sail boat requires a level of confidence that allows you to deal with anything as it seemingly appears from no-where. You’ll need a mind that is not only open to the unexpected, but free enough to cope with the unpredictable. You need to keep looking all around you, not just forwards.

If you’re a speed boat, do you always get to your destinations on time?

Do you effect change and influence others?

Do you improve not only your life, but the lives of those around you?

Do you enjoy the ride, or do you just feel like everything is racing by too quickly?

If you’re a sail boat, are you happy drifting?

Does the lack of direction lead to a carefree and uncluttered mind?

Does it make you a more grounded and life-loving person?

Do people around you wish that they were as spiritual as you?

Or do you just feel unfulfilled and out of control?

It’s never too late to change boats, in fact it’s never too late to change anything.

One thing is for sure though, make certain you’re in the right boat for you and for the ride you want, and if you’re not, change, boats.

Just never, ever jump ship…