My First Novel

By Chris Parnham.

They say that everyone has a book in them. I know there is one in me, but I’m just not sure what it is.

If there is indeed a book in all of us, let’s try to discover it together… And perhaps we’ll learn something about ourselves along the way…

So, the first question must be, will it be fiction or non-fiction?

Could I write fiction? I don’t think so…

I believe to write good fiction, you have to be able to get excited about another life or world in absolute detail, and I’m too focused on real life and what I can make it do for me. My fiction would have to become my reality, or it’s just a waste of time and energy.

I’m not a dreamer, because dreams don’t come true. I’m more a doer. Does this mean I’m missing out on something?

I couldn’t write a travel book because when I travel, I spend so much time in the moment, enjoying the experience, I rarely even stop to take photos. I also struggle to store the memories in any form of order, so I’d get my travel stories all mixed up.

Do I spend too much time in the moment, and don’t pay enough attention to memories?

I couldn’t write a cook book, obviously! Mostly because it involves the kitchen, and my only friend in that scary place is the fridge. I have tried to follow recipes, but OMG, why so much mess??? Do I eat out too much?

Maybe I could write a murder-mystery. I love a good mystery. I could write the perfect murder, or the perfect heist.

But is that possible? Surely if it was, it would have been written and acted out many times already. I remember one of my favourite episodes of Columbo being called ‘the perfect murder’, and my hero solved it within the first minutes. Not that perfect…

Maybe I could write a love story. Actually, I’d rather not, because I’m living in one, and it’s private!

I could write a self-help book. Trouble is, it would be too short; “Just get over yourself and face life. It’s great, if you live it.”

So, what are we left with?

Biography – usually about dead people so what’s the point?

Fashion – a bit like my self-help book, too short; “get a mirror”.

Health and Fitness – as above.” Eat less and join a gym”.

History – see Biography

Autobiography… now that might work…

I’m the star, which is a good start. I could share my life experiences and lessons to help others. This is truly what I try to do every day.

I honestly think that each one of us can be better, make more of our lives and give more to those that are important to us, thereby making them better. It would be like a positive plague. But we are usually too busy with stuff to bother.

Do I make enough time to coach, help and support others?

So, I’m going to write a book called, “a better you”. I will try to make it easy for the reader to see how they can be a better version of themselves. This will, in turn, infect others by making them a little better too. It will change the world.

But, will I ever get around to it..?

Where do people find the time to write books anyway?

Is that really all authors do? Really??

Maybe one day I will write the book, maybe you’ll write yours too, but is there really a book in everyone. I doubt it. And if we all stopped to write books, maybe the real world would grind to a halt. So instead of faffing around writing books, let’s just share our unique gifts and talents a little more.

If you are great at robbing banks, good luck, be happy, be safe.

If you love history then tell us more about it, and make it more interesting please.

If you are great at cooking… help!!

If you specialise in fashion, then I’ve got some colleagues and friends who need your help

If health and fitness is your thing, then nip down to McDonalds and start a movement.

Whatever you do, however small, share your gifts and make someone a little better, thanks to you.

Now that would be novel…