Everything will be different after Corona, even at ACE…

Everyone knows that when it comes to events, it’s always best to play your ACE card, and at Absolute Corporate Events we have a winning deck of ACES. But every now and then, even a lucky deck needs a good shuffle, and without change, nothing happens.

The Executive Directors at ACE have already begun remodelling the business to be more relevant to a post-pandemic world, and one of the first changes we are proud to announce is a change in Director titles and focus.

Chris Parnham, Owner and Managing Director of ACE will assume the new title of Client Strategies Director.

Chris will be spearheading a new consultation service to help companies fill the communication void that is widening due to the lack of face-to-face communication and general strategic messaging.  It has been and will continue to be for some time yet, a period reserved for tactical communication, but this has a limited lifespan.

Long term commitment, loyalty, passion and drive only comes from a workforce driven by a clear and engaging strategy, and not by tactics alone. Chris has some future-shaping strategies, and a brand-new communication toolkit to share with clients who are ready to prepare for their post-pandemic recovery, into a new world which may have restrictions on large gatherings for some considerable time yet.

At a time when effective communication at a company or global level is more challenging than ever, those that redesign their communication channels quickly to suit a new world will steel a clear lead on those staying quiet, or waiting for a return to normal, which may never come.

Jill Dunlop, Operations Director of ACE will assume the new title of Client Events Director.

An event, by definition is a moment in time when something changes. Anything else is just a meeting, and face-to-face meetings may become a distant memory when we first emerge from the current crisis. But space in the future will be cleared for events that make fundamental change –  to re-engage an audience, to inspire a workforce, to drive home a new strategy, or to re-train teams for a new world. Jill will help our clients prepare for these events, taking care of thoughtful preparation and seamless execution.

Like ACE, many businesses have continued to work effectively with unprecedented worker flexibility, embracing home working and almost no traditional structure.

A new world needs a new approach, one without boundaries, and Jill will be guiding the ACE team towards this new world, harnessing a spirit of even more flexibility, dynamism and creativity than ever before.  Our aim remains constant: to create memorable, beautiful and flawless events for our clients. 

ACE will return with more flexibility, more dynamic ownership and more creativity than ever before. Our service will be round-the-clock and around the globe.

Jacquie Freer, Sales and Commercial Director of ACE will assume the new title of Client Engagement Director.

Throughout the pandemic, demand has over-shadowed sales. The needs of the many have quite literally outstripped the needs of the few. We recognise that a post-pandemic business world will have tired of sales. People don’t need to be sold to, they want to focus on what their business requires to survive and thrive in the future.

Jacquie is perfectly placed to engage with our clients and help them where they need it most. True client engagement involves understanding a client’s objectives, drivers and pressures in order to help them secure the right solution for each communication event or project. This often includes complex negotiating and contracting, risk avoidance and adherence to current legislation or trends.

Jacquie’s industry network and global knowledge is second-to-none and armed with our reputation as one of the most considerate and respected agencies, she can engage with the right suppliers and venues to help deliver bespoke events as and when her clients are ready.

Forward planning is key, and whereas the last decade has seen lead times shorten, we believe the future will see a reversal of this trend, as clients put short-term tactics to rest and begin to revisit long-term strategy in their staff and client events.

Claire Okrafo-Smart, Director of Incentives for ACE will assume the new title of Client Experience Director.

A world post-pandemic is likely to be restricted or nervous about group travel. Social distancing is set to be with us for some time, and we believe this will lead our clients to consider incentive travel as only one of the many ways in which a business can motivate its workforce to perform better.

Even though we expect to follow the trend-reversal of longer lead times for incentive travel, and begin to plan incentives for 2021 and 2022, Claire is poised to share a new range of motivational programmes that can inspire, engage and propel a workforce to perform at the very best, building loyalty and commitment at the same time, without the need to travel in the short-term.  As businesses have become more creative with their time without travel, so have we.

As one of the fastest-growing agencies of 2019, and celebrating 400% growth over recent years, at ACE we love to be at the forefront of change, and this is only the first step on our mission to stay relevant and useful to our growing collection of clients who see effective communication as a vital component of their recovery post-pandemic.

We are in the middle of the most tragic and unsettling time in recent history. We are facing the sad realisation that many people and many businesses may not survive this pandemic or the recovery that follows.

But recovery will come, together we will survive, and some of us will thrive.