Chris Parnham launches a brand-new Company 24th August 2020; Absolute Digital Communications (ADC)

Chris Parnham, owner of Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) launches a brand-new company to create digital and virtual communication events in a new normal where live events are expected to be smaller, fewer and more challenging to deliver.

Absolute Digital Communications promises to deliver “Digital elegance, crafted with purpose”.

The company will trade as a sister company to Absolute Corporate Events.

Jacquie Freer and James Jackson join Chris as ADC’s new Board of Directors.

Ana Maria Moreno joins ADC as its first ‘Creator’ and the company is looking to hire more ‘Creators’ in the coming months.

Chris Parnham, ADC Founder says, “The global pandemic has already changed the way we communicate with each other, and even as we emerge from lock-down, communication habits and channels will remain altered  in many ways.

The predicted steady recovery of international travel will also slow the return of large international events. Ongoing challenges of social distancing and enhanced hygiene will make live event less intimate and with new barriers to networking and engagement. A new approach to communication events is needed, and Absolute Digital Communications is poised to meet this new demand.

Many companies and agencies have been quick to switch live events to virtual, but without taking account of what has been lost. The most important element of a live event is being there, in person, to experience and absorb the messages and objectives first-hand. With this in-person experience removed, the event becomes virtual; by definition almost as good.”

The definition of virtual is:

“Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition”

The team at ADC understand that by taking away the live in-person experience, a massive element is lost, which needs to be replaced by something new, in order to make the new event more than a virtual copy of the real thing. This is why Absolute Digital Communications produce virtual events with REAL FEEL.

Chris says, “ADC REAL FEEL Events are produced in a way to make them even better than the real thing, maximising the unique benefits of virtual, whilst maintaining and adapting the highs of a live in-person event. Virtual events have no physical boundaries, anything is possible, and budgets can go a very long way, without the largest costs of physical events; travel and venues.”

Jacquie Freer, ADC Sales Director said, “Predictions for the return to corporate events have seen a huge shift.  In mid-March we were anticipating a bounce-back in September now I suspect those larger events will be Q2 2021 earliest with a few smaller events in-between.”

Jacquie has found that the savviest event organisers are ramping-up their production and content values in order to battle against webinar fatigue.  “Speaking to the corporate market we are seeing a need for more engaging content, studio production and the need for formatted speaker training options. “

Jacquie notes, “As an industry we literally went virtual over-night – it is an exciting transformation and disruption and we need to show creativity and flexibility during these current challenges.“

Absolute Digital Communications has an impressive range of exciting services:

Virtual Events with REAL FEEL; ADC is not selling a virtual platform or any specific IT solution that restricts creativity. Instead, the team have scoured the market and identified a number of effective combinations of available tech-solutions that can be blended in an infinite number of ways to suit any event ambition.

ADC’s video production, to a TV broadcast standard, can create stunning communication events that can be streamed as-live or enjoyed on-demand as is the new and most common way of consuming content in each of our lives today.

James Jackson, ADC Production Director adds “Having worked across the video and design industry, in all areas of production and delivery, I know only too well how speed of delivery can often take preference over creativity, care, attention and quality. Never at ADC; being truly bespoke and taking full control of the offering allows us to ensure the very best standard when delivering our productions, designs and media services to our clients.”

ADC’s new approach to social media can turn any company’s on-line platforms into an information gateway that can inform, engage, attract and motivate each of its unique audiences. A new cost-effective package allows even the smallest of marketing budgets to make tidal waves in a crowded virtual space.

As Absolute Digital Communications’ creative driving force, Chris Parnham is now also available to deliver inspiring presentations, either live or virtually, to help companies prepare for a new normal in communication strategy. A new strategic approach called rewire, designed by Chris, can realign a company’s communication strategy to fill the void created by a lack of or a slow return to large global event.

Jacquie Freer and James Jackson join Chris on ADC’s Board of Directors.

Jacquie has worked with Chris since his acquisition of Absolute Corporate Events in 2013, and although she and Chris continue to manage the ACE business, she will be taking ADCs new product range to the corporate market and at the same time help them adapt to the new communication challenges.

James has been a Producer at Absolute Corporate Events since 2017 and now takes a leading role at ADC, as Director of Production. James will lead a team of Creators, and drive each of the new services towards elegant and seamless delivery.

Absolute Digital Communications launches on 24th August and a glamorous virtual launch party follows on 17th September. To request a ticket to the virtual launch, email the team at